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Fiat-from past to present

Small cars is no matter how attractive they are. Just as well as an incredibly cute, look at the very small size to park in the wind. Need some fiats, its distinctive rounded small car today.

In 1899 when the company is set at the end of the 19th century, began the history of Fiat. The first Fiat car is manufactured in 1900, does come into reverse gear. Arrived in the first car Italy tour participation 9, car finish line when the car came to prominent attention. Operational range increased to include commercial engines, marine vehicles, trucks, trams now. Continues to stand out in the competition race car itself. Became a symbol of a Fiat factory was completed in 1922, Italy auto industry.

Currently Fiat car manufacturing high-tech content and daily life intelligent side to provide solution, and simplify the car designed. To save fuel while maintaining top notch performance engine, the new Fiat car model, the is. Common rail principle of evolution produces new systems for the second-generation Fiat engine. New engine: 1 small. 3 L-scope 1. A large and powerful 9 L.

Fiat's small cars is dearly, that come in small packages of the good stuff is attractive companies to take advantage of the prevailing sentiment. From the car itself, as well as Italy of the 60's and 70's car bears the influence on Italy culture and fashion design. Compact appearance of the Fiat vehicles are all seemingly betraying amazing huge driver can stretch comfort spacious interior.

To its side, and a solid and innovative design, environmental history, Fiat only goes to greater heights in the automotive industry.

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Minggu, 17 April 2011

Fiat Punto-'s notch above the rest

The original Fiat Punto famous automotive designer was the brainchild of Joel giorget. Voted European car of the year for the easy availability of low-cost and spare parts became a major hit in Europe. Classified as a supermini, it three-door hatchback, van, introduced the convertible that contains three different versions. After the five-door version also became one of the hallmarks of its success. Yet, its convertible version is the world's cheapest open top was so damn what crowd was fascinated. 50,000 Cars was built until 1999. Even today, Fiat Punto Cabriolet is good in the collector's Edition.

These top-notch rest

Second-generation Fiat Punto feature 6 speed manual gearbox and a rare 7 speed semi-automatic transmission speed of up to 205 km/h and capacity up to 2000 cc. DualDrive electric power steering, fuel consumption increases, and was operated by an electric motor to reduce environmental impact. Since 2003, the international market of 60000 units are produced. Maintain its excellent mechanical performance and the new Fiat Punto 47 L fuel capacity, and 1. 2 L e-1. Included with various versions ranging from 9 L diesel Variant.

Rally car

While it is also very attracting features of low-cost, motor sport race car drivers has become popular. 4 Wheel drive of version, Super 2000, Grande Punto Abarth 210 of generation 2 L 16 valve engine powered hp. Besides, allow Punto Fiat car reliability international, Europe's main Rally Championship win.

Existing model

Received in 2009, the uplift of the Fiat Punto face, Punto Evo, the name change. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped production of the original Fiat Punto. In fact, all new Punto by Giugiaro and aerodynamic style is from. Standard features include hands-free CD player, MP3, Bluetooth technology, climate control, electric power steering, alloy wheels, dark-tinted headlamps and other advanced features Driving vehicles for the safety of the airbag, front passenger seat airbag, driver knee loads more great features, including air bags, front airbag and window airbags. In addition, can more easily customizing class in almost every other car accessories for Punto also focused.

Gurg Sumit Kumar provides information about all the latest four-wheels of different models. His latest review of Fiat Puntoand for more information about changes in models, features, and technology to get.

Fiat Maruti after the suit is in the following

"The self-sufficient human need, not greed of man's world". Emission of pollution is increasing day by day then vehicle plant in a very big way our environment affects. Coming, until the car automotive industry power, battery, CNG and also performing in photovoltaics that can model role in pollution reduction. One of the biggest automaker Maruti Suzuki, India "CNG at all roles of the existing model.

Also another auto giant Fiat, such as CNG vehicles next coming years. Grande Punto is expected to be looking to roll out the CNG model hit the road by 2011, it is. About Fiat some rumors prototype car at Auto Expo this year of running CNG viewing and CNG parts all of it boldly truly become really was. India Mr. Tarun Khanna, marketing, and Fiat in his story, to start between next April and June the CNG version of Punto is head of the media, he said.

That will come when the CNG variants of car Fiat is not issued a technical specification of all kinds to just mentioning. They are right time to discuss in detail all of this probably waiting.

Just to give an idea what kind of car to be in the CNG Punto 1. 2-Liter engine expects that you have. Prices are now immediately available than is a bit steeper is expected. Image slightly to public CNG vehicles clearly gets. But who is one way to curb the CNG cars rising pollution levels, says nothing.

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Fiat 500 as cute as buttons packed full of personality.

Fiat 500 is the popular 2008 car. After the model was launched in 1957, the Italy who gained popularity with thousands of satisfied. It is the popular mpg, economy-conscious buyers.

Look-wise, car, cute small buttons is completely jammed personality. It is a stylish appearance, and is highly customizable. Tidy up the flat, rectangular exhaust from the back taper, perky modern looks and maintains the original spirit. Measuring big circular speed driver and fuel ship bar chart shows another turn, register ago dialing. Other controls are large, and easy.

Stiff overall track cars and flat corners you can keep the electric assist only numbness ruined fast, responsive steering. Also enhances weight press sporting a sharper throttle response. Near downshift blip-it is useless.

12 Petrol engine options available... 9 Seconds 0-62 mph time offers 69 bhp 1. 2-Liter version-99 mph maximum speed available. 100 Bhp 1. 4-Liter model 10... In 5 seconds mph 0-62 mph covers and has a top speed of 113 mph. Both are capable of driving on the freeway, is suitable for city driving. And how can massive traffic easily.

Scores ofFiat 500 safety functions very well is. Cars are tempting but it is, but it is also hard. Seven airbags small city car for key functions consists of cars. Next won a five-star EuroNCAP crash tests.

Capture BMW what about it was the best, and modern features that builds a mini. However, mini journey significantly loading, Fiat small focus continued. Are good to Fiat. New 500 inherits the sensible transition incorporate the outstanding safety characteristics give a modern and stylish car chic engines moved to the front, and back to the hatch, while the original period.

To start the India market of Fiat's small cars

Seeing revival to regain market share in India India fiat was in the dumps. To deploy some surprise, capitalize on the growing market in the future is planning a number of years. Fiat India be in trying to get support of automobile Tata India JV partners to assemble small cars India road, to the was planned to start in 2012 and speculation.

News ", economy, Fiat, to compete successfully in 2012, a new small car will be launched" know that Maruti Suzuki car Alto. Assembling some of the other models of new cars Fiat and Tata Motors are assembled in the Ranjangaon plant near Pune. But diesel and petrol vehicles not yet known is information. It's car about 4 100000 is designed by the joint team of engineers India price of around RS is placed underneath the Grande Punto and Italy rumoured to be.

Incredible news for Fiat and the new car is similar to the existing of this car, UNO, Fiat compact car models. Mr. pool, he interviewed MD Fiat said the new model Fiat and India does not have any similar, previous model but with a price-competitive too. This car will compete with Alto and one liter engine. Name UNO look to see the new name for the Fiat models of more general. Fiat research hard structure this car India terrain and climate in mind your requirements to fit, to complete the best design is working.

Provided the request has also become a partner of Mr. pool Tata Motors car front end of his conversation, PTI to evaluate their aid from Tata Motors, customer feedback, and include the best features of the new car. Development of all of the car is done in Italy. He did mention, however, is car Palio in some of the slightly smaller.

Mention has been hoping to start a model such as this one of the Chief Operating Officer at the press conference of the international business of the Fiat Group of Silverio Bomfiglioli, Mumbai, small vehicles increased demand.

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2007 Fiat Abarth Grande Punto)

Increased primarily use independent Automotive racing company Ferrari or Porsche tuning, Abarth fame. 1971 Abarth Fiat purchased the Racing Division of Fiat Lancia and Autobianchi subsidiary. Fear the Scorpion logo rally and Hill climb something became Abarth race. -The Autobianchi A112 Abarth was particularly successful and was popular. Fiat now Abarth badges has brought the Fiat Abarth Grande Punto 2007. Acts as an Abarth Fiat own divisions.

2007 At Fiat Abarth Grande Punto Geneva, this year a very happy crowd became apparent. New Abarth Grande Punto and smart than past Fiat Puntos sexy looks, and is very clean look has a high-mounted taillights for. This is to distinguish from the standard Fiat Punto has many sporty queue. First off, is with a dual exhaust racing style wheel. Give the folks here at Red calipers and large disc brakes and a sporty appearance. Racing stripes at the bottom of the car, sports beginners are also known.

The Fiat Grande Punto Abarth version has been the past is true Abarth cars. Rather than one that has been tweaked Abarth engineers and was created by Fiat. Secondly, they did not have true mechanical upgrades, and instead features a style changes such as body kit only. 2007 To Abarth Grande Punto Abarth true road was significantly upgraded in vehicle performance.

1 Makes 150 BHP at 5500 RPM only. 4 L Turbo with an engine are already included. If the owner is inclined to car 155 HP 98 Ron petrol becomes. After booster must use the kit car release soon. This kit can cars to 180 HP. In extreme amounts of 180 horsepower mini-cars. Many American and Japan of sport compact car 190-230 horsepower, but little Punto much bigger and heavier than. Like many small sporty car better power requires high engine speeds to small high-performance engine Punto. For example, many Honda four-cylinder engine of 7000 RPM Rev to more than 180 horsepower. Abarth Grande Punto engine is very small but good mid-range power and torque. Stressed out is excited or whether or not one... unless you change owner active engine 4 l turbo engine, in the long run that is reliable is the engine was quite stout and must tell you.

Handling and braking, definitely world class will be. However, the best part is the price. Until September car sales price not have is authentic and Japan, small car with American sports, and also looks likely to get better gas mileage than cheap. It gets better mileage, and ideal for the young buyers very pleasant drive to the cheap car is a Fiat Abarth Grande Punto 2007.

Abarth to return new Abarth Grande Punto rally to compete. 2007 / Grande Punto S2000, is entered in the Championship using Italy Larry Giandomenico Basso and Mitia Dotta driver and Navigator. S2000 race version car has 270 HP all wheel drive. S2000 hoping to get international praise next year's World Rally Championship race is also set.

Grande Punto S2000 race version meeting course pace around the world to the Abarth team race car works and conditions to improve what you can get valuable data. These advancements can improve performance parts light rail official to be sure, consumers will trickle and more available. To fill the demand of third-party tuners like the most likely products rally fan official Fiat Abarth rally car street legal race car created by hope road car looks and performance to create.

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Car dealers-the Chrysler-Fiat agreement how it affects them.

In about five years time, has boomed for car dealers, industry changes occur. Just would have predicted the 2014 when evolved from Chrysler's 56 percent Fiats. You must otherwise maybe a big fan of Fiats are not currently this conversion to wash wave of updates. Chrysler and the other of the many car dealer became a future Fiat Fiat, future. Time to shine, and to cause excitement with Fiat-powered forcefully chance comes the collapse of Chrysler Group. Enliven the Chrysler effectively changes the direction of, no pointless. With the help of another car has grown them has grown into something that already do something quite amazing dealer, much larger than them so no trouble there.

Two car dealers signed a agreement with strength and confidence. Fiat decided a 35% stake in Chrysler compact cars and fuel-efficient engine. However, confidence in some locations was not solid so not firmly seal. And could potentially increase stock because it is not cash, the company's investment in Fiat, leading companies to sell cars that the company gambling Chrysler Chrysler Fiat spot once again, to push the control, and rental fleet took place in September.

This new contract money is going to produce the automobile industry, dust. Chrysler have shown dedication over the years for many promotions, company executives are already open, to approach companies it also, breaking more new markets they have competitive products enable provides. More so the pieces will be gold dust sprinkled around the consumer world at the same time excellence of these benefits and adventure shower are to get. Many Americans who decide to update the Chrysler Group what provides a model of green and wait for them all along. Manufacturing jobs are in our current climate, large windows and it also and means to develop received by the community of United States.

So it is worth? Like many trading transactions to make it and were made in the past other break is. But this deal with Chrysler to enhance and further hard Helmets on pushing for safety, brings the bounce in its step,. Fiat to lose at any decline in Fiat slight chance if slices of cake other car dealers and other retail trader slice much is greater than can be strong but to pick up their own. Is a hard fight now that Chrysler will place. How you look is a slice of the cake turned out to be.

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